You Now Pay Less for Your Console Than Before

If you believe that your new console is overpriced, you might want to ask ‘80s and ‘90s gamers.

Whether you’re Team Sony, Team Microsoft, Team Nintendo, or even good ol’ Team Sega, pricing is a pretty important factor to take into consideration when you’re purchasing a console. But before you bemoan the hefty price of consoles these days, you might want to learn that they are actually cheaper than before.

The good folks at CupoNation Singapore compared the prices of the most popular video consoles over the last 30 years, starting from the NES in 1987 to the Nintendo Switch this year. Inflation was factored into the calculations to illustrate the evolution of their actual costs.

The study revealed some pretty interesting facts. These include how it is now on average 16% cheaper to buy a console than back in the ’80s, prices get lower despite fluctuations, there is usually a peak in the price before a big drop, Nintendo doesn’t follow pricing trends, and the Sega Saturn is the most expensive console.

Don’t believe it? The numbers don’t lie.

Check out the prices! © CupoNation Singapore

For a more concise overview of the epic journey of console prices, here’s an infographic summarising it all: 

A visual guide to comparing console prices © CupoNation Singapore

This story first appeared in Red Bull.

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